This course is your pathway to becoming a certified Deeper Signals coach. Designed by our talent experts, you will learn the science behind our assessments and discover how to interpret Core Drivers and Core Values profiles. You will also learn how to deliver coaching feedback that builds self-aware individuals and high-performing teams. Bite-sized, interactive and practical, receive the insights and resources to supercharge your coaching with Deeper Signals.

  • Discover how self-awareness and scientific assessments build high-performing individuals and teams.

  • Learn how to interpret Core Drivers and Core Values profiles, and deliver feedback that drives results.

  • Learn how to use the Deeper Signals Platform and deliver data-driven coaching.

  • Receive practical playbooks, guides and tutorials that level-up your coaching and facilitation skills.

What will you learn?

Designed for coaches and L&D practitioners, learn to skillfully use Deeper Signals' tools and deliver feedback that creates change.

  • 1

    Why Feedback is a Force for Change

    • Welcome to the Deeper Signals Coaching Certification!

    • The Deeper Signals Approach

    • Test your Knowledge

    • Chapter 1 Quiz

  • 2

    Understanding the Core Drivers Diagnostic

    • Chapter 2 Overview

    • Understanding the Core Drivers Diagnostic

    • Our Mission to Democratize Feedback

    • Test your Knowledge

    • Chapter 2 Quiz

  • 3

    Interpreting the 12 Core Drivers

    • Chapter 3 Overview

    • Interpreting the Core Drivers Diagnostic

    • Your Core Drivers Profile

    • Test your Knowledge

    • Chapter 3 Quiz

  • 4

    Understanding Core Risks

    • Chapter 4 Overview

    • Interpreting the Core Risks

    • Explore Your Core Risks

    • Why Do We Need Self-aware Leaders?

    • Test your Knowledge

    • Chapter 4 Quiz

  • 5

    Interpreting the Core Values Diagnostic

    • Chapter 5 Overview

    • The Purpose of the Core Values Diagnostic

    • Understanding the Core Values

    • Interpreting Core Value Profiles

    • Test your Knowledge

    • Chapter 5 Quiz

  • 6

    Using the Deeper Signals Platform

    • Chapter 6 Overview

    • Getting Started on the Deeper Signals Platform

    • Using the Platform to Improve your Coaching

    • The Deeper Signals Knowledge Base

  • 7

    Delivering Individual Feedback

    • Chapter 7 Overview

    • Interpreting an Individual's Core Drivers

    • Preparing for an Individual Feedback Session

    • How to Move from Awareness to Action

    • Give it a Try

    • Test your Knowledge

    • Chapter 7 Quiz

  • 8

    Delivering Team Feedback

    • Chapter 8 Overview

    • Why Do Self-aware Teams Win?

    • How Coaches can use Core Drivers and Core Values for Teams

    • More Data to Consider

    • Interpreting Team Core Drivers

    • Using Core Values to Support Teams

    • Comparing Manager and Team Profiles

    • Preparing for a Team Feedback Session

    • Time to Practice

    • Test your Knowledge

    • Chapter 8 Quiz

  • 9

    Certification Assessment

    • Chapter 9 Overview

    • Certification Quiz

    • Congratulations!

Science meets practice

This course includes everything you need to skillfully deliver assessment-based feedback and coaching. Whether you're an assessment novice or seasoned expert, you will learn how to apply scientific insights to deliver transformational coaching feedback.

  • Complimentary invite to complete the Core Drivers and Core Values Diagnostic.

  • Step-by-step playbooks to deliver assessment debriefs and team workshops.

  • Practical tools designed by our team of world-class experts that will grow your coaching skills.

Unlock your coaching potential

Become a certified Deeper Signals coach and take your coaching to new heights

  • Led by Experts

    The Deeper Signals Certification has been designed by our team of experts. Bitesized yet comprehensive, it has never been easier to deliver assessment-based feedback that builds talented individuals and teams.

  • Coaching Masterclass

    From administering assessments to delivering team workshops, this course will show you how. Designed for both aspiring and experienced coaches, learn how to facilitate Deeper Signals debriefs and team workshops.

  • Outcome Focused

    Gain access to practical playbooks, strategies and guides so that you can confidently deliver Deeper Signals feedback. Master interpreting profiles and learn how to design coaching interventions that will drive results.

Trusted by industry leaders

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does this course take to complete?

    It takes around four to five hours to complete this certification course. The course is broken up into bitesized, interactive lessons empowering you to move at your own pace. You will have access to all materials and lessons once you have completed the course.

  • Is this course right for me?

    This certification course was designed for coaches who already have experience using personality assessment tools, alongside busy L&D practitioners who would like to use Deeper Signals' tools with their teams. There is no minimum qualifications or required experience.

  • Is this course available in multiple languages?

    Yes! The course is available in English, Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese. We will be adding more languages in the future too!

  • How practical is this course?

    Very! Each lesson includes practical tips, advice, and resources to help you quickly and easily deliver Deeper Signals feedback to your teams. You will gain access to facilitator guides, team workshop activities, interpretation cheat sheets and much more!

  • Do I need a subscription to the Deeper Signals platform?

    Nope! You do not need an active subscription or administrator account to complete this course. You will still be able to complete the Core Drivers and Core Values (included in the price), learn how to deliver assessment-based feedback, and learn how the Deeper Signals Platform works.

  • Will I receive a certificate?

    Yes! Once you have completed the course, you will automatically receive a digital certificate acknowledge your new expertise. This digital certification can be downloaded or shared virtually.